Celebrate life in townships


Internship package for R1500.00

This package includes administration fee, finding an accommodation for the intern, a Staff T- shirt as well as transport to an and from the airport.
Accommodation for international interns
Lokxion Foundation will find an accommodation for international interns. Interns can choose between one in a township or in Stellenbosch.
Lokxion Foundation recommends the township accommodation. Township accommodation costs about R4000.00 per month, which includes food (breackfast, Lunch and dinner) and laundry. You would live with a family in a house together (see photos) and experience the life in a township.
It has the advantage that with your stay in a township house you help the family with an additional income and you are closer to work. Especially interns without a car or driving license should not stay in Stellenbosch as it is quite inconvenient to get to Kayamandi by puplic transport in the morning.
About safety concerns: It is not as bad as people in Europe or the USA say, but you have to be aware of the crime situation and listen what people tell you. Your coworkers from Lokxion Foundation will answer your questions and will give you advices anytime about Stellenbosch, Kayamandi, Cape Town, the safety, etc.
Lokxion Foundation has several options for doing an internship. The internship is in the field of NGO Management with a focus on performing Arts and Sports. The internships can have a focus either on the Stellenbosch Professional Network, Sports, Arts and Gospel.  Therefore we are welcoming interns from various backgrounds. You can be part of every project (see project section) of Lokxion Foundation or you can focus more on one specific one. We are thankful for any help to develop Lokxion Foundation as an NGO. The work within Lokxion Foundation is mainly foundation work so you welcomed to help to build up a structure and give advises.
Your tasks may be:
– Research and develop programs
– Fundraise and build relationship with potential donors, sponsors and funders
– Plan and implement activities for the players
– Promote the sport portfolios
– Administrate the sport Portfolios
– Supervising training and matches
– attending meetings
– plan events or conserts
– administration an/or formulating reports
– coordinate with different stakeholders
– preparing project appraisals, work- plans and specifications


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Tel: 082 087 2432
Fax: 086 566 1623
Email: slumbokwana@gmail.com
Address: 1849 Snake Valley, Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, 7600


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The corporate governance of the Lokxion Foundation is the responsibility of everyone involved. However, the Board of Directors and the Management team are accountable for corporate governance. (more…)

Board of Directors

  • Paul Roviss Khambule – Chairperson
  • Silulami (Slu) Mbokwana – Vice Chairperson
  • Nomvuyiseko (Nono) Mtiya – Treasurer
  • Siphamandla Sidiyama
  • Samkela Mhlakaza – Marketing

Management Team

  • Paul Roviss Khambule – Managing Director
  • Nomvuyiseko (Nono) Mtiya – Financial Director
  • Samkela Mhlakaza – Marketing Director
  • Silulami Mbokwana – Operation Director

Support Team

  • Hannele Tulkki – Intern 2016
  • Sabina Schwanzer  – Intern 2015

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Why Lokxion Foundation?

Lokxion Foundation aims to showcase and celebrate life in the townships surrounding Stellenbosch through Sport and Performing Arts. Our vision is to create opportunities, to discover talent amongst township youth and to give them a platform to grow. We believe that through sport and the performing arts vulnerable young people are given essential life skills; self-confidence, leadership opportunities, respect for themselves and their peers, positive and healthy life choices and, ultimately, a sense of purpose.

Lokxion Foundation currently visible in the Greater Stellenbosch, with the impact to the Western Cape province; where most people see a curse, we see diamonds in townships.

The Lokxion Foundation consequently strives to develop and empower youth and elders in impoverished townships through social enterprise, education, arts, sport and heritage.
The name “Lokxion” has therefore been taken from the word “locations or lokasie”, referring to township(s).

What we do

The Lokxion Foundation aims to be the institution behind the success of the people of South African Townships. We design and implement high-impact enterprise development projects that deliver exceptional and measurable results. In addition, we partner with the community in our project(s) to ensure good management and execution.

With the vision of creating opportunities and a platform on which to explore, transform and grow talent in the townships, Lokxion Foundation’s main objectives are:

  • To empower youth and elders and assist them in seeking initiatives that change their lives and that of the greater communities.
  • To facilitate a system-wide change for youth social entrepreneurship by building the capacity in entrepreneurship education, as well as incubating and accelerating high-impact youth social entrepreneurs.
  • To develop leadership amongst youth and to encourage participation in sports and educational activities that seeks to empower their minds.
  • To create an interactive space for township youth, where they can be kept away from substance/drug abuse and other life threatening activities.
  • To engage in campaigning, advocacy, mobilizing public opinion and influencing policy in favour of social security, realization of rights and improvement of the standard of living of adolescents.


Through the use of performing arts and sport, the Lokxion Foundation’s mission is to be an interaction platform disseminating knowledge for empowerment, upliftment and development of people and communities in- or headed for tension.